Dubai's Web Designing and Development Company in Spotlight

There has been a rise in the popularity of Dubai based web designing and web development company; Brainmine, primarily because of the style of its service delivery. According to the latest survey done, it was found that Brainmine had the maximum number of satisfied customers globally. Also, an interesting thing that came out in the survey was that even the customers who had hopped (10% of the customers) on to the other web designing companies, eventually returned back (9% of the customers) to Brainmine.

The reason for the huge loyal customer base can be credited to its unique style of service delivery and customer handling. Normally it is seen that when the company is small and has alimited set of customers, even the minutest details of the project are handled with precision however 99% of the companies fail when the customer base increase as they fail to handle the basic requirements of the project; leave aside the minute details. Brainmine could handle the transformation successfully and therefore succeeded.

Brainmine's core strength is its team. They have a unique methodology of dealing with a project. When a customer approaches them for a project, irrespective of the volume of work involved, they follow a common strategy. They draft a proof of concept for the customer and showcase their capability and strategy to handle the project. On approval, the analysts present in the team, set up ameeting with the client and try to understand the details of the project. After the analysis, the team presents the as-is and to-be scenarios to the customer and explain how the new system is proposed to fit into their existing workflow. Also, if required, the change management activities are also shared with the client.

After approval, the website designing company in Dubai, Brainmine list down all the steps involved in building the website and mark them with a unique number to track its progress. Next, the designing team and the coding team work hand in hand and build the website. Unlike other companies, this Dubai web development company showcases the progress to its client from time to time and take signoff. The first signoff is taken after 30% of the completion. The second signoff is taken when 80% of the website is complete. The team dedicates its time in addressing to the unique codes that have not been addressed till now as per the plan and works on the minutest details and give thewebsite the ‘final touch’ for which it is famous for, during the remaining 20% of the remaining work.

Apart from timely delivery of the project as well as out of box ideas which the team puts into the project, the uniqueness of the website design is something which the clients admire too. It has created some of the most eye catchy and innovative website designs in Dubai. One can find examples of such designs on their website.

About the Company

Brainmine is a Dubai based IT, Media and Advertising Company serving its client since 15 years. It is a pioneer in website designing, portal design, management, hosting as well as maintenance.It has a huge customer base. Consistency in quality, impactful designs and professional approach has made it a brand in the IT industry.

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