Brainmine’s Innovative Strategy that can help you Choose the Right Technology for Your Brand

A lot of brands are born every day in Dubai and almost 99% of them vanish very soon from the market. While there are lots of reasons behind the failure of these brands, however, the major one is the lack of the usage of right technology for the business.

Brands that go digital and are able to connect well with their customers and are the ones that fall in the 1 % category and perform well in the market. The technology helps a business know who their customers are.

There is a classic example of an apparel brand that vanished from the market in a very short span of time. This brand had one of the best ladies apparel designs in the Dubai. During the first few weeks the performance of the brand in the market was outstanding however the business owner never tried to understand that out of the various category of apparels and designs which he was selling, which one sells the most, what is the average age of the ladies who were buying the apparels from their stores, from which place were these customers coming from.

Gradually the designer started experimenting with the designs which is a need for every business however since the experiment was not a focused one as the designer did not know who their customers were, the collection did not find a place in the heart of the customers anymore. Eventually, the loyal customers started feeling disheartened and they switched to another brand.

Let’s analyze the situation from Brainmine’s point of view. If the Brainmine’s consultants had to go and provide some suggestions, following would be some of them

  • CRM
  • Customer Relationship Management software can help the business, record sales transactions along with the details of the customers. This data can be linked to an analytics software that can help in projecting various parameters that can be considered before experimenting with the future collection of apparels. Brainmine as a software development company in Dubai can help in designing a CRM and analytic software for the brand.

  • Creativity
  • Since the brand’s market is limited to a particular area, therefore, there is an immediate need to increase the customer base by targeting a bigger set of population. Launching a creative website having an option for online sale is the need of the hour. Brainmine can help them with some of the best website designs in Dubai.

  • Focus on Sales
  • The right focus on sales and the use of right technology is what they need. Brainmine, a web development company in Dubai can combine a creative website, a CRM, Analytics software, ERP on a single platform. A judicious use of this great platform can help in focusing a larger set of population. This can also act as a base for the brand to enter into a franchise model wherein the franchise stores can also share the taste of the customers on real time basis that can help in taking the right decisions on time.

    About the Brainmine Web Solution
    Brainmine is a web development, software designing, website designing, media and advertising company which has been helping a lot of small scale as well as large scale businesses in achieving their goals. Their strategy of first understanding a business and then crafting a technology that can help a business reach to the next level has helped a lot of brands grow exponentially in Dubai.