7 Digital Marketing Trends That Will Dominate 2017!

Digital marketing is a quite shaky stream and we see numerous drifts changing and newer trends shaping every year. Ahead of the New Year eve, it is wise for every entrepreneur, online marketer or business owner like you to protect your business interest by foreseeing the new trends which are anticipated to dominate the coming year and why it is still valuable to stay with a professional digital marketing company in Dubai.

1. Experts unanimously agree to the age old fact that content will yet rule the digital world. However, they feel gaining viewership will be more challenging this year than the previous years. With so much written and audiovisual content already flowing around, viewers have got choosier. Naturally, only the sensibly crafted content, with better streaming, will be at advantage.

2. All the online marketing companies in Dubai and world over will have relook into their approach to SEO! Can we forget how voice search got profound this year and it looks like the advent of a new trend? Now, that adequately indicates a complete shift in SEO and an unprecedented popularity of long tail search marketing trend. Another vital center of attraction will be PPC ads which may emerge in a new avatar.

3. Inclination to catch up live action, right from games to concerts to debates, has been on the higher side in 2016. As social networking buffs will remain glued to their mobile boxes in 2017, live streaming can keep them there even longer than before. This means live streaming will predictably be another hot digital marketing trend next year.

4. Next generation of search engine optimization was predominantly seen in 2016 - in the form of "mobile SEO". As this haute digital trend looks picking up, we can expect optimum exploitation of Accelerated Mobile Pages or the AMP feature from Google. Consequently, you should not be surprised to see additional manpower adding to the "mobile website design and development" department of a listed digital marketing company in Dubai like Brainmine.

5. A noteworthy setback for content rich web pages was reduced readability. You may blame it on the day by day lessening attention span of readers, but right the doorstep of 2017; it is good take this "lesson" seriously. Dense Content, which is breaking of rich content into small meaningful pieces, will be a certain trend next year; and it is here to stay!

6. Technological advancement in the form of data interpretation and visualization tools will be of remarkable value to digital marketers. There is special mention about it before 2017 because earlier, online marketers and digital speculators could do little without these tools; all they had was an overload of information that left them clueless. Now as advancer data visualization tools simplify its analysis, online marketers and digital speculators will be better off in drawing apposite conclusions from information available.

7. 2017 is also being seen as a year of the return of Augmented Reality (AR). The Pokeman show would have ended quite soon, but AR remained and it is largely used by games developers for designing new AR based games.